Indian Army has formed a Reorganized Amphibious Formation (RAMFOR) which will be able to launch offensive operations on the enemy shores.

In first phase, Indian Army has converted its 54th Infantry Division which has strength of over 10,000 soldiers for the amphibious operations and 3 brigades have already qualified to carry out the amphibious operations. Indian Army is basing these amphibious brigades  in South India, West India and Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Training of the newly formed Reorganized Amphibious Formation (RAMFOR)  is being undertaken under present Commandant of the Army War College Lt Gen Anil Chait.

Indian Army is looking to improve their amphibious warfare capabilities further in the island of Andaman and Nicobar by adding additional soldiers to counter the Chinese Navy's presence in the vicinity.

India will soon purchase Amphibious Infantry Fighting Vehicle to bolster the capabilities of the RAMFOR and Indian Navy has already inducted the INS Jalashwa (L41) (Formerly the USS Trenton ) amphibious transport dock which can carry landing force of up to 1000 soldier and 6  Sea King transport helicopters to support  amphibious operations.

Indian governament has already approved the request of the Indian Navy to purcahse eight amphibious assault vessels from the Garden Reach Shipbuilders under a Rs 2,176 crore deal.


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