1. Dr. Seema is India's first woman commando trainer, trained Indian forces for 18 years without compensation, as selfless service to Nation. I found a Facebook page with more info and images http://www.facebook.com/drseemarao

  2. The latest training since 2010 being Imparted to the Elite Commandos of India, Including the Special Force Para Commandos, Garud Commandos and NSG (National Security Guards) is the unique blend of
    # The most advanced Edge and Impact Close Quarter Combat System of Pekiti Tirsia Kali,
    # The Destructive Shaolin Duan Da & Sanshou
    # The Easy, Effective and Economical Unarmed Combat of Jeet Kune Do and this training is given by India's finest and most qualified commando trainer Master Kanishka Sharma (He is the only verified 34th Generation Indian Shaolin Warrior and Direct Disciple of Ven. Abbot Shi Yong Xin of Shaolin Temple China, and is thus the only Representative of Shaolin Temple In India)

    For more information please visit www.pekititirsiakaliindia.com, www.kanishkasharma.info, www.shaolinindia.com