Indian Indigenous Aircraft Carrier Carrier (Project-71) Model With LCA-N Tejas Naval Fighter Jets. 
The first indigenous Indian carrier will have a full displacement of around 40,000 tons and it will be capable of carrying an air wing of around 30 fighter jets and helicopters.

The indigenous Indian aircraft carrier will feature STOBAR (Short Take Off But Arrested Recovery) through ski jump just like the Russian produced INS Vikramaditya which will join the Indian Navy in next couple of years.


  1. Indian navy shud go for 4 indigenous aircraft carriers of 60,000 ton of displacements & capable of carrying 50 to 60 naval aircrafts onboard & have multiple batteries of brahmos missilles & the barak 8 system deployed.
    That will give an edge against china navies

  2. Ins vikrant will be the pride for indian navy becoz it is the first homemade warship of india.The only focus of directroate of naval design should be on onbard weapons which will be deployed on ins vikrant.