The Indian plans to purchase M-777 155 mm towed  ultra-light howitzers will get a push as Indian MoD has asked V K Saraswat to look into the trial results of the M-777 Ultralight-weight Field Howitzer (UFH) and recommend if Indian Army should buy the M-777 howitzers or not.

India wants to purchase 145 M-777 155 mm towed howitzers worth over $650 million. The M777 howitzer has been adopted by the United States Marine Corps, United States Army, Royal Australian Artillery, and Canadian Army.


  1. The Indian Army has also announced plans to acquire 145 guns for $647 million,[19] but purchase plans were overtaken when the procurement process was restarted in July 2010. It is now unclear in the ministry of defence,where the army is suffering due to its shortfall in the Ultralight-weight Field Guns