Indian scientist  has said that Agni-IV strategic ballistic missile is Pakistani missiles. The Vijay Kumar Saraswat is head of  the DRDO and serves as a chief scientific advisor to the Indian Defence Minister.

The Vijay Kumar Saraswat said that Agni-IV is comparable to the Pershing ballistic missiles which were produced by the Americans. He said,  "If I am comparing Agni-IV with Pershing-I or Pershing-II missiles in terms of technology...I am talking in terms of technology, not in terms of range, as Pershing missiles have higher meets global standards." India has recently test fired Agni-IV ballistic missile.

Pakistan also have arsenal of Shaheen-I,  Shaheen-II and Ghauri ballistic missiles along with Babur ground launched cruise missile (GLCM) and Ra'ad air launched cruise missile(ALCM).


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