HJT-36 Sitara Intermediate Jet Trainer  has crashed today in the southern part of the country. Pilots of the HJT-36 Sitara were able to eject from the aircraft and are safe.

HJT-36 Sitara Intermediate Jet Trainer is developed by the Indian Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). Program to develop  Intermediate Jet Trainer to meet the requirements of the Indian Air Force started in 1997.

HJT-36 Sitara is designed as a replacement for the Kiran jet trainer of the Indian Air Force and Navy. Indian Air Force may purchase as many as 200. 

HJT-36 Sitara have total of 5 hardpoints to carry weapons like rocket and gun pods and bombs. Maximum of 1,000kg palyload can be carried by the aircraft and it is powered by the Saturn AL-55 turbofan engine which is rated at 16.68kN.


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